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Aropy™ – Mini Espresso


Fully automated Portable Espresso Maker

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A worm Espresso Anywhere

Imagine the Freedom of Being able to go anywhere with a portable espresso maker without the limitations of hot water

What makes Aropy Special?

Powerful Battery

4-5 warm Cups
On a full Battery

Two Adaptors

Nespresso Capsule
/ 8g Coffee Powder

One Button

Multiple Functions
Fully Automated

Heating Plate

Heats up Water
in 4-5 Minutes

18 Bar Pressure

Super Espresso
Delicious Crema

Whether you’re camping, going to a festival, or just want to enjoy the day in the outdoors, AROPY™ can make your coffee experience just as enjoyable as if you were at home.

Equipped with a 2 in 1 Capsule & Ground beans, with a water reservoir and self-heating plate and temperature sensors make it one of the most convenient ways to enjoy freshly ground coffee with an 18 bar pressure creates the perfect crema of your favorite coffee with the right amount of crema to match.

4 to 5 Minutes

This elegant portable espresso maker outperforms any other with the world’s fastest heating time in less than 5 minutes with a Powerful Battery that allows you to produce up to 100 cups or 4-5 warm cups of your favorite espresso on a single charge.

Hot espresso on Demand

18 Bar Pressure

Hot water is forcibly pushed through at high pressure.

Automatically drips out the bottom into a clear detachable clear cup with the right amount of crema.

Product Details

DimensionsDimensions22cm x 7.2cm



80 ml


12 V ⎓ 10 A

Heating water timeHeating water time

~4 Minutes


4 Cups on a full charge or ~100 Cups if Hot water

Charging timeCharging time

3.5 Hours to Fully Charged via USB Type-C (Fast charger)

Compatiblilty Compatiblilty

Nespresso Capsules (Original Line) & Ground Coffee.

Pump pressurePump pressure18 bar

100% Satisfaction

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Warranty

Reliable & Built to last

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