Portable Espresso Machine that outperforms any other

Powerful Battery

4-5 warm Cups
On a full Battery

Two Adaptors

Nespresso Capsule
/ 8g Coffee Powder

One Button

Multiple Functions
Fully Automated

Heating Plate

Heats up Water
in 4-5 Minutes

18 Bar Pressure

Automatic Extraction
Delicious Crema


Aropy™ - Portable Espresso Machine

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Leak Proof Design

Sleek, leak-proof design makes it easy to carry around and fits in most car cup holders.

Aropy™ weighs only 780 grams and the included water tank can hold up to 80 ml of water.

Smart heating

Aropy™ has its own innovative heating system that brings water to a boil quickly.

Powerful 18-bar pressure automatically pours your coffee at the perfect temperature directly into the removable, transparent drinking cup.

4 minutes to Get a hot Espresso

How it works

For cold water: Press the button twice to start heating. Wait about 4 minutes and the extraction will start automatically.

For hot water: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to extract immediately.

It's like two Espresso
machines in one.

Ground Coffee & Capsules

This portable espresso machine is designed to be used with ground coffee or capsules.

Perfect if you like ground coffee at home and capsules in the afternoon at work or in the car.


Product Details

DimensionsDimensions22cm x 7.2cm



Up to 80ml


12 V ⎓ 10 A

Heating water timeHeating water time

~4 Minutes


4 Cups on a full charge or ~100 Cups if Hot water

Charging timeCharging time

3.5 Hours to Fully Charged via USB Type-C (Fast charger)

Compatiblilty Compatiblilty Nespresso capsules (or B-brands of these) as well as with espresso ground coffee.
Pump pressurePump pressure18 bar

12 Months


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